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BOR IT online computerlessons

BOR IT provides online computerlesson for beginners, seniors and anyone who wants it. Are you curious about how to send emails, how to print or how to surf the internet? I’ll explain it to you during computer class. Excellent for anyone who has not worked with a computer before.

With my digital help you will receive computer lessons from a Microsoft certified teacher. I am happy to help you take your first steps on the computer.

Online computerlesson for beginners and seniors:

Wondering whether my computer lessons are suitable for you? Have you bought a computer, but you are not sure how to use it? I will visit you, explain it to you and ensure that you learn how to work with the computer.

During the lessons at home, I explain how to start the system, how to surf the internet and, for example, how to send or receive an email.

Do you have more experience with the computer and are you looking for lessons to install programs and clean up your computer yourself? I am also happy to help you connect the internet and WiFi, so that you can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone wirelessly.

I tailor the computer lessons at home to your needs. Thanks to my extensive experience, I know exactly how I can best help you. From the basics or more specifically if you have more experience. This way you can surf the Internet and email, work with important programs and clean your computer.

Online Computer Lessons: for the elderly and everyone

During the computer lesson I will explain to you how to use the computer. Would you like to learn how to add an attachment to an email or how to upload important documents yourself on the internet? These are topics that I would like to teach you more about during the online class.

Fair rates

We have fair rates and we do not charge a subscription or start-up costs.

Rate for online support:
€12.50 per 15 minutes (min 30 minutes).

Rate for computer lessons:
€12.50 per 15 minutes (min 60 minutes).

Payment must be made immediately after the online appointment.

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